Seedlings and Sprouts

So its been about 3 weeks since I last posted update on the new raised garden beds.  I didn’t have the mental clarity to be super organized and plant according to the square foot gardening method and really just tried to plant stuff in a reasonably spaced way (but still intensively).

The bed on the left side, Station 1, has 5 zones, approximately 4 sq. ft each and numbered 1-5, front to back.  In zone 1 I have some mustard greens, and a few random seedlings that I haven’t taken the time to identify exactly, zone 2- yellow squash, eggplant, and cucumber, zone 3-crimson sweet watermelon, zone 4- abe lincoln tomato and cucumber, zone 5- tightly packed corn that I have staggered 3 batches by 2 weeks difference, I would say approximately 30-35 corn in 4 sq. ft.

The bed on the right side, Station 2, also has 5 zones, but the front one is 4 sq ft, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th zone are 4’x6′, and the 5th zone is actually the part connecting to Station 1 way in the back, it is 2’x4′. Zone 1 is compost, Zone 2 is sweet potatoes, small white potatoes, and red potatoes, Zone 3 is All Sweet watermelon, and Zone 4 is Peppers, Okra, and Eggplant, Zone 5 is Zucchini and Tomato.

Some of the seeds may not have come up or been poorly so I plucked them up when I was thinning. Being inexperienced I am not sure what is what, and will just wait and see. I’ve been mulching with grass clippings and currently need to spread it thinner. I plan to mulch the potatoes with mostly leaf mold as soon as its dry enough to rake some up in the back of my yard. We have had extremely heavy rain on a regular basis here in Houston for the month of April and I have turned off the drip irrigation for the most part.

In the next few weeks I will continue mulching and will be putting together some type of trellis structure for most of the trailing vegetables. I hope to use mostly tree branches from some pruning we did to our mature trees to build them and possibly twine or metal wire. I have already spent so much money on soil and amendments this year that I would like to not spend another penny on those garden beds this year, I may have to get creative:)

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