Early Summer Veggie Garden

Here are a few pics of the veggie garden beds, they look pretty wild, and I have a few issues with bugs, viruses, and shade but have collected lots of bush beans, tomatoes, mustard greens, anda couple cucumbers. I don’t have much time to put into the garden to remedy my issues, it’s been raining ALOT and  I have to keep turning off the drip irrigation timer. I try to go out there for 5 minutes or so everyday to pick weeds and harvest. My neighbor sourced some straw from a friend’s farm and I am really intrigued with deep mulching methods. Unfortunately the hay had seeds in it so weeds are popping up, I try to pull them so they don’t go to seed and become a continuous problem. In the fall I plan to mulch with shredded leaves since we have leaves in abundance with all the trees.


Speaking of trees, I have a sweet gum tree whose leaves are a radiant kaleidoscope of color in the fall that I adore but is shading the beds from the west and my neighbor has a lovely pecan tree shading my garden on the east. My neighbor actually kindly trimmed some of the branches that were hanging over the beds yesterday. Nonetheless, I will probably have the gum tree removed next spring and build even more raised beds. Ultimately, I want a backyard that is low maintenance, high yield and keep all the trees to the periphery. I already have peach, plum, 2 banana, and an orange tree back there so don’t feel too guilty for eventually removing some mature trees that are problematic for the vegetable garden. We will still have plenty of mature trees in the very back of yard. That won’t b3 until next spring though, when our landscaping budget recovers. Anyway, here are a few more pics of the veggie beds, I had to snap them quick, the mosquitoes were swarming!





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