New Year!

I have never entered a new year and already had so many new things in the works! This backyard permaculture project has my head swarming with projects, I’m a little overwhelmed and a lot excited about the things the new year will bring concerning that. First off, I am fairly confident I am getting 3 or 4 chickens and at least one bee hive! I’ve been researching that intensively for the past couple of weeks. Last week I just so happened to meet a lady at the park who already has chickens and she gave me so much confidence to just go ahead and do it. The funny thing is that earlier that day I procured some salvaged wood from my in-laws and was planning on building a chicken coop with it even if I didn’t get chickens anytime soon, so meeting her felt kind of serendipitous. As far as building a beehive, I am a little intimidated by it because my woodworking skills are very basic, and the hives I’ve seen all have box joints and rabbets and all those other fancy woodworking details that I have never really attempted, even though I have the tools to do it. I took my grandfathers old table saw over a year ago and haven’t even reassembled it yet. One of my goals for 2017 is to face that down and also at least use the box joint jig I bought at a thrift store 3 years ago.

Then we have the issue of composting. I have a pretty sizeable  backyard that is mostly clay. My goal is to amend it with as much compost and humus as I can get. I have been taking bagged leaves from the curb throughout the neighborhood, currently have at least 50 and still counting. I also got two truckloads of mulch from a tree trimming company that was on my street. I spread most of the mulch where the raised annual beds will be, dumped some of the leaves where the bee hives will be and kept most of them bagged and outlining where the orchard will be. I had the utilitiy companies come mark where all the lines were, so I would know where I couldn’t dig. Today we will go look for some red wiggler worms, I want to do vermicomposting for the kitchen scraps. In addition to the chicken manure I also plan to collect humanure, and this is where I usually lose every single person who was previously on board. But the fact is, I do find it a little absurd that we piss and poop in clean bowls of water and then flush it away where it joins everybody elses pee and poop in a giant slimy disgusting mess. I feel much more comfortable knowing that I am composting my own mess into something that will benefit the garden. Ideally I would like to create no waste.  I will probably only dress the orchard trees with it, seeing that I will have lots of compost for the annual beds from the worms and chickens, that should assure some of the people who gag at the thought (my husband).

Anyway, I am off to find worms, I will come back to post pics if I find them!


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