The Mess that is my backyard.

Pink Eureka Lemon tree dropped all its leaves after the frost but I see a few new leaves budding out thank God!

Found these on the curb on trash day, cram packed with aloe vera, repotted several of the and discarded the freeze damaged ones.

Red onions in the ground, red and green longevity greens, and a pot of carrots, also in the background potted tulip bulbs shooting up

3 papayas I was gifted by the kind fella that cut down the cypress, they were in one pot and I separated them and they lost a leaf or two but new ones are budding out, I have my fingers crossed

Badly freeze damaged persian lime, I hope it’s not a goner…

A man from Craigslist dropped one of the cedars on the west fence, supposed to drop another and take the wood today, fingers crossed

Not sure if this is a peach or plum, bought both for $12 each at Sprouts, not much info was given and I didn’t know any better. One of them died due to planting too deep and getting waterlogged.

Anna apple tree looking lovely, planted 3 weeks ago bare root

Golden Dorsett apple

One extra full dump truck of fresh ramial pine chips

Cypress stump

I’ve collected well over 100 bags of leaves from the curbs throughout my neighborhood

A little patch of purple carrots

Potatoes looking quite prosperous surrounding a lone horseradish plant, I heard they make potatoes taste even better

Lemon tree that my neighbor’s B-I-L started from seed, 2 freeze damaged banana trees, one is icecream banana and the other is dwarf cavendish

Hamlin Orange dropped all its leaves after freeze but leafing out beautifully!

3 cherries of the rio grande, saijo persimmon, arbequina olive, and kishu mandarin

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