Wicket fencing

My gardening budget is non existent at the moment, I regularly “steal” money from other places in my budget to buy plants and supplies. For example, today I spent about $30 on soil amendments like sulfur, blood meal, and cottonseed meal. I also found good quality drip line for 75% off, so I got about 300 ft for only $25! When gardening one must always think ahead especially when establishing a new planting area. So even though it is currently only 32 degrees outside I am desperately trying to get my new beds prepped and somewhat settled by planting time in mid March. One major hurdle in building raised bed is containing it. Cinderblocks are easy and long lasting and definitely the least expensive when considering cement or stone edging. Wood fence pickets are pretty easy to construct into boxes and are less expensive even than the cinderblocks, but even being cedar they are prone to rot over time and limit the shape of the beds to rectilinear shapes. Wattling, weaving long thin branches is an old technique that cost nothing and can make pretty much any shape. The technique is super simple, stick branches in the ground where you want the edge and weave long thin branches around those sticks. Fortunately, a lot of people do their yearly crape murdering right around now and I’ve had access to an unlimited amount of long straight sticks. I love the rustic natural look,  that I can vary the height gradually so that one area can be deeper than others, for deep rooted veggies, and that the edging will slowly decompose as the roots develop enough to keep the soil from eroding away.

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