Tree planting time!

I’ve basically went nuts buying trees since January! Probably exceeded my budget for plants and seeds by at least 100%. Whatever money I saved on my free wattle edging and craigslist tree removal trade, I have blown through buying trees. A list of all the trees, shrubs, and bushes:

  1. 3 Blueberry bushes, assorted varieties, from Wabash Feed and Supply, they were maybe $20-25 each, I may have overpaid… I have had at least 2 previously purchased in years past die on me, another one from last year isn’t quite dead but it’s on the ropes… blueberries seem to be tricky, I haven’t thrown in the towel yet, I planted them in half peat moss half potting soil and will be applying sulfur and fertilizer in the 4th quarter…
  2. 2 blackberry vines, bare root, Wabash for maybe $8-12, one is Kiowa and the other is Natchez, I also have an unknown variety from Sprouts last year that was not doing well at all, but I moved it and gave it a little TLC and it seems to be doing much better.
  3. 3 Cherry of the Rio Grande- got these at the annual Urban Harvest tree sale, $12 each, tastes and looks like cherry but not, its something that thrives in our subtropical climate, most  real cherry trees need far too many chill hours to be productive here. I’ve heard Royal Lee and a few other low- chill variety cherries may do well here, so perhaps next year…
  4. Passionfruit- also from Urban Harvest, $12, died a few weeks after purchase, maybe it was too cold, it had one fruit on it, I bought passionflower seeds from Lowes, hopefully I will have some success
  5.  Saiyo persimmon- Urban Harvest apx. $40, leafing out at the moment, astringent variety, really hope to have more persimmon than I could possibly eat one day
  6. Caroline Raspberry- Urban Harvest tree sale $12, supposed to do good in our climate, most raspberries don’t, we shall see
  7. Dorsett Golden Apple $25 from JRN Nursery, bought bare root, low chill variety
  8. Anna Apple $25 from JRN Nursery, pollinator for the Dorsett
  9. Hachiya Persimmon $35 JRN Nursery, bare root, another astringent variety, I am guessing the birds and other critters won’t bother with them especially if I pick them before they ripen
  10. Kishu Seedless Mandarin- bought for maybe $25 at annual Agrilife Tree Sale
  11. Arbequina Olive Tree- bought for maybe $25 at annual Agrilife Sale, not sure exactly what I was thinking…
  12. 150 Strawberry Plants, $60 from Stark Bros., Ozark Everbearing, AllStar, and Sequoia’s
  13. Ichi-ki-kei-jiro Persimmon, $20 bare root from Stark Bros
  14. 3 Anne Yellow Raspberry, $15 for 3 bare root from Stark Bros., supposed to do well in our climate
  15. All in One Almond tree, $32 bare root from Stark Bros., not sure what I was thinking on this one…
  16. Fry Muscadine Grape, $12 bare root from Stark Bros., not leafing out yet, but I see buds so fingers crossed
  17. 3 banana, an apple, icecream, and I forget the other type. I already have a dwarf cavendish and another icecream, they froze down to the ground but shot back up several weeks ago.
  18. 3 papayas, Free from the nice guy who took the Cypress tree
  19. Sapodilla, JRN
  20. Malikka Mango, JRN
  21. Neem tree, JRN
  22. nagami kumquat, JRN
  23. 2 Cape Jasmine, JRN
  24. Persian Lime, JRN, the one from last year died so I hope to keep this one alive
  25. 2 mayhaw trees from Caldwell Nursery, $15 each, I need 2 for cross pollination, I now have 4 total, because 2 sprouted from seeds lying on top of the pot.
  26. Angel Face Rose, I bought one bare root on clearance last year and it didn’t make it, I bought this one seemingly potted and seemingly thriving at Lowe’s for around $25, they are lavendar with a slight lemony scent from what I’ve read…
  27. 2 Mulberry trees from Ty Ty, an online store
  28. 3 Hickory Nut trees from Ty Ty as well
  29. Pecan from my grandmothers 1st cousin, Sweet lady who is 90 or close to it named Ruby Nell, I visited her garden last week, I will do a post and take pics, she had a massive mulberrry tree that inspired me to order the ones I got…
  30. sweet Meiwei kumquat, JRN, I bought this today after it was recommended to me, it is much sweeter than the nagami
  31. Sunraycer nectarine $15 from Costco, they had a ton of trees, apple, pear, peach and nectarines for $15, the nectarine was all I saw among those that had low chill hours. They also had a very wide selection of citrus for $25 each, I already have all the citrus I am currently interested in.

So far I’m at 46 and counting, add to that the 7 or so trees/bushes that made it from last year. I am sure I have forgotten something and needless to say I am utterly overwhelmed at all I have to plant, I will have to plant 5 trees a day for the next week if I want to get them all in by the end of the 3rd quarter of the moon. Thats another post as well, gardening by the moon… Anyhow, I think I’ll go take a quick lap around the garden so I can get my thoughts together for tomorrow’s work!


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