Backyard Permaculture

One of the non-negotiable things I wanted when we were looking for a house was a big back yard. I had a vague idea that I would grow lots of food and pretty flowers, and that everyone would love spending time out there. There would be a variety of fruit trees, raised irrigated beds for […]

Early Summer Veggie Garden

Here are a few pics of the veggie garden beds, they look pretty wild, and I have a few issues with bugs, viruses, and shade but have collected lots of bush beans, tomatoes, mustard greens, anda couple cucumbers. I don’t have much time to put into the garden to remedy my issues, it’s been raining […]

Raised Garden Beds

The past few weeks we have been getting our raised garden beds together. I built two 22ft x 4ft boxes, going lengthwise north to south. They are running parallel to each other and are spaced 4 ft apart. I will attach them with a 4ft by 2 ft box at the south end. I have installed […]