Raised Garden Beds



The past few weeks we have been getting our raised garden beds together. I built two 22ft x 4ft boxes, going lengthwise north to south. They are running parallel to each other and are spaced 4 ft apart. I will attach them with a 4ft by 2 ft box at the south end. I have installed drip line irrigation on a timer.

How they were constructed:

The first, most eastern box, was constructed using 40 cinderblocks which costs a total of $60, so that the internal dimensions are approximately 4x20ft. The second was constructed using 2×4 braces and cedar fencing boards, these materials were salvaged and free:) I used weed blocking lining paper and recycled cardboard to line the bottom of the cinderblock bed and the wooden bed has no lining since it is 18″ deep.

How they were filled:

The cinderblock bed was first filled with as much homemade compost and leaves as we had, which only filled the bed 1/3 of the depth. The rest of the depth was filled with 2 ($22 each) bags of vermiculite, 15 ($2 each) bags of manure humus, and 2 ($8 each) bags of peat moss.

The wooden bed was filled with yard waste and compost to about 1/2 the depth. I plan to fill them 3/4 of the way with manure and then top them off with homemade potting mix.

How they were irrigated:

I used SoakerPro System ($25) an additional 25ft line ($10) and this Orbit watering timer ($45).

Today the plan is to finish constructing the compost bin that will be at the northern end of the wooden bed and the 2×4 ft bed that will connect the two beds at the southern end. I will also go buy about 20 bags of manure and fill the beds with them. I will also start some more seedlings today.